20 Korean Songs That Caught My Attention

K-Pop is not just music. It’s a lifestyle.


I’m new to this K-pop thing, but when I think of it, I think of large boy and girl groups dancing. To be honest, I think a lot of the songs are the same. Even the voices sound the same to me. (Tori Kelly will always be my number 1 singer!). However, there are songs that have either caught my attention, twisted my expression, or captured my heart.


This 2012 song was one of the first Korean songs I was introduced to. It’s a popular single by a very famous group called BIGBANG. It’s R&B and hip hop sound capture any girl’s heart.


19.) Half Moon – DΞΔN ft. Gaeko

The soothing intro to this song captured my attention almost immediately. Maybe it was the soothing voice of the famous singer, who’s body rolls make girls swoon. Or maybe it was the lyrics I don’t understand. Either way, this song caught my attention and made it to this list.


18.) Baby Don’t Cry – Daesung/D-Lite

Since K-Pop is famous around the world, songs often get translated. This song from a singer a part of BIGBANG is one of my favorites. But the first time I heard it, it was in Japanese; though, the original is Korean. Even though I prefer the Japanese version, the song always leaves me with a soothing feeling.




17.) Who’s Your mama? – J.Y. Park ft. Jessi

This singer is known for his crazy songs, but this one in particular caught my attention because it has a huge emphasis on butts. (I thought that was mostly an American thing). A hilarious song, considering the girls in the video barely have a butt to shake.


16.) WINE/If I Get Drunk Today – Suran ft. Changmo

I don’t know what it is about tangy voices, but they always capture my heart. As soon as I heard Suran’s voice, I fell in love with it. But this song almost forces to feel something. Just listen to her sing live compared to the one on the album! It’s amazing!




15.) I’m Good – Henry ft. nafla

I think this song sounds cool. I saw the interview with the singer on Arriang TV on how he said he just doesn’t’ want to care what other people think (or something like that). But I also think it’s funny how they (people who made the video) call themselves using black culture in their videos with corn rolls, chains, and baggy clothes.


14.) Stay With Me – Chanyeol (EXO), Punch

This song played in a popular Korean drama named Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (2017). It is very soft like most of the songs on this list, but I thought it was interesting. It didn’t make me fall absolutely in love with it. The guy’s part is bomb, though.


13.) Why So Lonely – Wonder Girls

This is another song I saw air on Arriang TV. I really like the tropical vibe to the song. It’s not necessarily one of my favorite, but interesting to me. I think the chorus is what really grabbed my attention.


12.) Bang Bang Bang – BIGBANG

BIGBANG again! This hip song incorporates a famous dancer I really like, which is one reason why I love it. But it is also great party music that will make anyone get up and dance or sing along. The video is pretty epic too.


11.) Bye Bye My Blue – Yerin Baek (백예린)

I’m not sure why I like this song. Maybe it was the bass drop, or maybe it was the shake in the singer’s voice. Either way, this slow 2016 song that just makes you want to look out a window and think about life. Very simple, yet lovable.


10.) Why – TAEYEON 태연

I’m not gonna lie. The only reason this song caught my attention was because of the “WHYYYYYYY” part and the video showing her in Arizona (I believe). (You’ll understand if you listen to the song). But overall, it leaves me with a happy feeling.


9.) Ringa Linga (링가 링가) – TaeYang

Coming from another member of BIGBANG, TaeYang, who I think is an awesome dancer, sings about partying and moving your body like you are having a seizure. But like “I’m Good,” TaeYang tries to show how “cool” he is with the braids, bandannas, and whatever else. Even so, this older song still holds its partying powers! I love it!


8.) Shinkirou – Loveholic

The first time I heard this song was in the Japanese anime Black Blood Brothers. Shinkirou, which translated to Mirage in English, is a very sad song that always makes me want to cry. But the runs are so beautiful and gripping, I can’t help but press my replay button.


7.) Lonely – SISTAR

I’m not sure why this song caught my attention either. I saw it on Arriang TV too, but only a snipped(?). This is actually another song that sounds similar to a lot other, but it stood out a tiny bit more to me.


6.) Boogie on and on – Beenzino

This is a pretty groovy song that was introduced my one of my classmates. My professor actually said this guy went to her school. They thought he was weird because he was always singing and rapping. They never thought he would be such a huge hit.


5.) New Face – PSY

PSY! The guy famous for Gangnam style (bonus points if you pronounced it right) is at it again with his crazy videos and dances. This catchy song my not be my favorite, but I don’t mind listening it to it once in a while. (Plus, the saxophone is awesome).


4.) Fire Water – Code Kunst ft. G. Soul, TABLO

This is another song that I don’t know why I thought this was interesting. I heard this in class. It stood out to me, but it didn’t’ necessarily keep my attention. Actually, the singer’s voice reminded me of an American singer (that I can’t remember). Maybe that’s why.


3.) Still On My Way – Dok2 ft. Zion.T

I always find it so interesting to hear rapping in other languages. I think that’s why this song grabbed my attention. It’s beat sound so simple, yet so catchy.


2.) Walking – Suran

It’s Suran once again! Her voice reminds me of Michelle from Destiny’s Child, but I know it’s very different. Her unique voice grabs me no matter the song. But “Walking” sounds like sounds like an inspiring to just keep moving forward. The chorus is what made this a favorite song.


1.) 1+1=0 – Suran ft. DΞΔN

If you haven’t guess by now, Suran is probably my favorite Korean singer so far, but this is probably my favorite song. I really like this song because in Korean 1 is pronounced “il” which sounds like the word “work”. So, work + work = 0. It’s a great song that brought my attention to the competitiveness of South Korea in the work industry. How people work and work, but they only seem to get negative outcomes.


What do you think? What songs grabbed your attention? Which were your favorite?

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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