Don’t Talk To Me (45)

No surprise, but I was in a completely horrid mood today. I woke up, and I felt like talking to NO ONE. I didn’t even speak to my roommate. The entire way to CAPA, I said nothing. For my interview class, I had to present another mock interview with my partner, but this time, I … Continue reading Don’t Talk To Me (45)

Irritation (Day 43)

Another one of those days when I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I could feel it in my bones that today was going to be a bit rough. Honestly, I’m about ready to leave the program. To start, I had to participate in a mock interview, posing as the interviewer for my interview … Continue reading Irritation (Day 43)

Work and Lunch (Day 42)

To start off my day at work, I was asked to read a publishing contract (or agreement) for Shores Beyond Shores. He wanted me to do this so we could discuss it at a later day, and so I could see was a contract consisted of. One thing within the agreement I found interesting was … Continue reading Work and Lunch (Day 42)

In Bed All Day (Day 40)

I did absolutely nothing today. Well, I won’t say that, but I was a hermit stuck in the flat all day watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Netflix. Throughout the entire day, I kept thinking how my roommate and I were supposed to be in Scotland or even Ireland at this very moment, yet here I … Continue reading In Bed All Day (Day 40)