About Me

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Hello! I’m A’Dreana! Being the artsy person that I am, I’ve fallen madly in love with writing and drawing in that order. (I also like to sing, dance, and weight lift on the side). I often write tragedies or self-reflecting stories. Some of my favorite words are non-sequitur, kamikaze, conniption, sangfroid, and sophrosyne. For art, I love drawing realistic drawings, digital art, storyboards, and comics.

Personality wise, I am very friendly, and I smile almost all of the time (though my mood does tend to take sharp twists sometimes). I’m more social than I used to be and will talk your ears off once I get to know you. My friends think I can be very sassy, sarcastic, and even candid at times, but they love my truthfulness and ability to listen to others.