Drawing I

Fall of 2017, I took a Drawing I course to learn the basics using graphite and charcoal. I also learned different ways of drawing: gesture, contour, line, negative space, etc. Here are a few pieces we did this semester:

Positive/Negative Space Drawing

Drawing I graphite assignment


Continuous Line Drawing of Still Life Object

Drawing I graphite assignment


Continuous Contour Line Drawing

Drawing I continuous contour line drawing of my parent’s living room with graphite, an outside assignment


Perspective Drawinng

Drawing I perspective drawing with mechanical pencil


Organizational Line Drawing

Drawing I still life using graphite and organizational line technique assignment


Contour Line Drawing of Still Life

Drawing I contour line drawing with graphite


Reductive Charcoal Drawing

Drawing I charcoal and value assignment


Graphite and Value

Drawing I graphite and value assignment


Bottle and Flower

Drawing I hashing assignment of a bottle and flower. Outlined with pencil, then drawn with black sharpie and brown marker.


Still Life Self Portrait

Drawing I still life self portrait assignment. The water bottle represents my love for exercising (even if I don’t do it often), the little mouse (from the movie “Spirited Away”) represents my love for Studio Ghibli films, the book represents my love for reading novels, and the pencils represent my passions for writing and drawing.


Self Portrait

Drawing I assignment: Charcoal Self Portrait


Girl in Water

For my Drawing I assignment, I had to copy an image using mixed media and pen. So, I decided to us the artwork Girl In Water by Giulia (photo found here), blue pen, and pink, yellow, and blue watercolor.


What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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