Covers and Contracts (Day 44)

All I do is complain now a days, huh? Today, I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and going to work. In fact, I dreaded the idea. But it was a part of the program, so what could I do? I needed to get my hours in.

All day, I mainly sat at the desk, stared at my computer, and used Photoshop to change the colors of the Each Day A Small Victory covers. It took WAY longer than I thought it would, nearly the full eight hours of my workday. As I did this, my boss was scrambling. He seemed very flustered, telling me and the other intern that he’d be with us shortly to talk about publishing contracts. When he left, I had a small discussion with the other intern about some of the colors I chose for the covers. She gave me a few tips, and I made some changes.

I was grateful when my boss finally pulled us outside to talk about publishing contract. It was nice to walk around a bit and get my face out of a screen. I don’t really like being outside, but at least it was a nice day.

For contracts, or agreements, in publishing, he used the Shores Beyond Shores Agreement I was assigned to read as an example. We were told about the terms page, grant of rights, delivery and acceptance of a certain work, production and promotion, warranty, copyright, royalties, accounts, terminations, etc. It was a lot of information to absorb. I often got distracted from the conversation by cats passing by. There were two of them, one brown and one white. The white one kept trying to sneak its way into a company’s building, but they kept putting it back outside.

Finally, the workday was over. I went home and did absolutely nothing else but watch YouTube videos and contemplate my existence.

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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