Work and Lunch (Day 42)

To start off my day at work, I was asked to read a publishing contract (or agreement) for Shores Beyond Shores. He wanted me to do this so we could discuss it at a later day, and so I could see was a contract consisted of. One thing within the agreement I found interesting was the definitions page. I had never seen something like that before, but it was very helpful when reading through the text. I guess that’s also good so the people within the contract can be on the same term when it comes to, well, terms.

My mind was scattered a lot today because I had a bunch of homework due the next day. I guess my boss noticed because he ask me what was up. I told him, and he surprisingly said I could work on my homework. On top of that, it would count towards my hours. I was very grateful for him letting me do that. So, I created a presentation for my internship class tomorrow, did some research on my interviewing partner’s company, and caught up with a weeks’ worth of journals. Safe to say, the day went by faster with me doing so much work.

Lunchtime came around. My boss asked me if I ever ate lunch. I told him I was in the bad habit of have only one or two meals a day, lunch not being one of them. So, he ended up taking me to lunch. I ended up getting an “American Pancake Breakfast”, but the pancakes where more like crepes. During our meal, my boss asked me about my family. I told him how many siblings I had and what my parents did. Somehow, the conversation turned towards my biological father vs. my stepdad. Then, it jumped to what I had planned after college. (I told him I had no idea, but I did know I was going to be a novelist and or graphic novelist while possibly dabbling in storyboarding). Then he asked me if I was in any relationships (no) before somehow ending up on the topic of religion, which then led back to talking about my parents and how we moved from San Francisco to Indiana. Overall, the conversation was very enjoyable. To me, it was the first time I could actually look him in the eye without feeling awkward and intimidated. Plus, I love prying conversations, at least when I’m being asked the questions.

When I we were done eating, my boss gave me the task to come up with different color palettes for Each Day A Small Victory. Since the book was episodic, he wanted to sell each chapter separately, and he wanted a different color to go with each. Since the chapters go by months, I decided to choose colors I thought best represented the different seasons. However, when I was done, I soon found out that I misunderstood his instructions. Apparently, he wanted me to completely recolor the cover instead of just laying out a palette. This task turned out longer than I anticipated, but it did take up most of the work time. So, that was good.

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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