Bad Days (Day 39)

It’s been a bad day today. Not entirely bad, but bad nonetheless. First off, I woke feeling like a blah, and I really didn’t feel like going into work because I felt like I wouldn’t do something right. A bad habit I have that needs to stop.

Anyway, there was no milk for me to eat my cereal this morning, so I decided to cook breakfast for once. Bad idea. When I went to turn on the stove, it was completely covered in gunk from my other flatmates using it. It looked like someone threw noodles on one of the eyes, turned on the stove so the noodles could burn, then left it there overnight. I had to scrub that thing clean just so I could use it. It was really appalling. After that, I went to get a pan from one of the drawers. As I went to grab it, I immediately threw it on the counter because some gunk from it’s underbelly was completely covered in oil. Who puts a dirty pan in the draws? Who does that?

Finally after getting a CLEAN pan, I started to cook some vegan sausages. I’m used to cooking real meat that has grease dripping off to help it cook, so when the vegan sausages wasn’t doing that, I kind of freaked. But I didn’t mind it so much and decided while that was taking it’s sweat time to cook, I’d make some eggs. I took out another pan and threw some butter in it, instantly regretting my decision because that pan was dirty too. And the butter immediately browned and stuck to the pan. I brought it to the sink to rinse it off immediately, and some of the butter popped me in the face. If that wasn’t bad enough, the entire room filled with smoke, and I prayed that the fire alarm wouldn’t go off. I tried to open all the window, but in this flat, it only opens up about an inch, so it really did no good.

Eventually, I managed to cook decent eggs and eat by burnt sausages, and eventually, I made it to work. I’m so glad today was Friday because I would lose my mind if I had to stay for eight hours instead of four.

Anyway, my boss didn’t have much planned for me to do today. He had me work on an excel sheet to organize and analyze book sell data so he could find were sells where going wrong. When I finished that, he had me email it to him. But when he went to open it, everything I had done was gone. When I looked back at the sheets I did on my own laptop, they were gone too. Turns out, I had not done them in an Excel format, so I had to redo everything again. My boss said it was nothing to worry about and explain to me and the other intern what the spreadsheet were about (how you could see how many books what companies sold, or which books sold more in which month, etc.) Finally, it was time for me to go home. I did nothing but watch Netflix as soon as I walked in the flat.

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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