Each Day A Small Victory (Day 21)

Trump landing in London was the talk of the first fifteen minutes of work today. Apparently, he called a mayor (I believe) here a loser before he even landed. But, listening to the conversation more, both parties seemed to be disliked.

Apart from that, it was a very boring workday. For seven hours, I read “Each Day A Small Victory.” There were a lot of times when I lost focus for minutes at a time and had to put the book down. It didn’t help much that I’m a slow reader. I felt really bad because I couldn’t comprehend anything I was reading. Then again, that often happens when I read things that are not quite my cup of tea.

Come lunch time, I took about an hour to browse my phone and give my eyes and brain a break. My boss picked some food up for me at Tesco, so that was nice. But after break was up, my nose was back in the book. Even when the day came to an end, I barely scratched a hundred pages. I’ll have to read it when I get home.

Speaking of home, I didn’t do much there either. I got there and hoped right on my laptop. I ended up getting into a conversation with one of my flat mates about anime. We talked for a good hour, I believe, sharing all the shows we’ve watched. Eventually, we made a deal. I said if she watched one of my favorite anime in its entirety, then I’d watch one of her favorites. We both agreed, so now I have something to do once I get back work and classes. Or at least whenever I have free time.

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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