Interviewing and Internship Classes (Day 8)

This trip gives credit. I say this because after a week of freedom and exploring, I forgot this was a six credit course that could affect my GPA. This morning, I had to attend my Interviewing COM class. It wasn’t bad, but it made me remember that I really have to manage my time wisely. Especially since Interview class requires additional reading and ACTUALLY interviewing people (mostly strangers).

Still, I’m really excited about this class because it is a real life skill that will come in handy. I talked to my professor and told her that I was a person who didn’t really like small talk. I’m a person who likes deep and meaningful conversation. It’s fun, and it allows me to really get to know and appreciate a person even more, so I asked her if I’d learn how to do that, because sometimes, I don’t ask the write questions, and sometimes I’m not the best at walking up to stranger to “interview” them. She said we would learn all that in this class, so I’m really excited.

Today, we simply had to meet a new peer and “interview” them, making sure our conversations wouldn’t be boring. We had to be mindful of using questions that brought out interesting answers. I ended up interviewing a classmate who once made a rail gun for a science fair in high school. He ended up getting and internship because of that. Too be honest, I didn’t even ask that many questions. He just liked to talk.

Anyway, after learning about different types of interviews (including journalistic), I went to my next class that revolved around our current internships. Apparently, it’s a class that’s supposed to teach us how to use our internships to the fullest and how to move forward after it’s done. We didn’t do much besides icebreakers and go over what the course was about. I guess the real grunt work will start next week.

Besides that, I didn’t’ do much afterword. I went to Green Zen, a little poke restaurant, in the Canada water station and tried salmon poke, which was delicious. Then, I later went to a gym induction in my neighborhood so I could start using their facilities. That’s about it.


Observation: I realized that unlike in the US where crosswalks are on the corner of the street, crosswalks here are somewhere on the sides or middle of the street. Not always though, but a lot of the time.

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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