Day 12: Ewha Professors

Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things . . .


Today after blogging for about an hour, Professor Lee came in and invited me to lunch. Normally in Korean culture, if someone invites another out, the invitee pays, but I brought my money just in case. As we walked down to the cafeteria, he told me Koreans have three names for hot days in the summer. I don’t think I fully understood what he was trying to tell me. He just listed off the terms hot 1, hot 2, and hot 3, but I’m not sure what that means. Even so, he said it was a tradition to have broiled chicken during this time. I don’t know why. (God, I hope I’m not mixing up his words).

In the cafeteria, we had a huge metal bowl of broiled chicken (half a chicken, or 1/3) with spicy fish cake. I decided to pass on the green onions and kimchi, but I got extra rice for my soup. Then, Professor Lee picked out a seat for us. I was so comfortable around him, I forgot Korean etiquette and dived right in to eat. Normally, you are supposed to wait for the elder to eat first, but I didn’t eat breakfast today, so that went right over my head. He didn’t mind, though.

I’m a really slow eater who really doesn’t eat much, so I was trying to keep up with him when eating, but he told me to slow down and take my time. So, I did. The food was really bland until I added about six to ten pinches of salt and pepper. After that, it was really good. I caught a few people staring at times, though. Not sure why.

Back at work, I went to Professors Lee’s office so he could help me update my adobe software. As it was updating, he told me he was going to go cycling for three hours across Seoul. That’s crazy. Then he showed me pictures of last year Purdue students who also worked at Ewha. They went hiking at Ansan Mountain. To my surprise, he invited me. I’ve never been hiking before, so I said yes. How could I refuse?

For the rest of the day, I chilled in his office and finished editing my video to the National Museum:

Today is Wednesday, which means we had class today. The group in charge of getting dinner brought in a great haul, but forgot to take a picture. Still, he food was great. As for our guest speaker, it was Professor Park from Ewha who decided to come in and talk about herself. She was a famous reporter, which I didn’t know, and taught speech classes for 20 years (I think). She also received her PhD at Purdue. As she told us about her experiences, she said 4 words described her: America (she went to school in the US), woman (back then, women were not looked highly upon in her line of work), journalist (she was a great reporter surrounded mostly by men), and communication (she now teaches communications and has a large network). It was a really nice and laid-back environment for her speech. When she finished, everyone went around and introduced themselves. I didn’t have to since I already met her, but she asked about my day and what I was doing at work. I told her I finished editing a video. (Earlier, Professor Yonsoo apologized again about last Wednesday at lunch. She told me I looked very uncomfortable and that she didn’t mean to make me cry 😛 ).

After class, everyone dispersed and ventured to Naksan Park. I decided to stay back and chill in my hotel room.

(For photos and videos, go to my Flickr and YouTube account).

What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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