Must Have Korean Apps

I finally realized it. People are prisoners of their phones, that’s why they are called cell phones.


When you’re a foreigner in the boarders of South Korea, your phone becomes gold, at least when you find Wi-Fi. As long as you have that, you will never get lost with these apps. If you’re lucky, life just may become a little simpler.

Daum Map and Naver Map

Google Maps is a beloved app used by so many, but it’s useless once you step in South Korea. If you use it there, it will only show you the general area of where you want to go. But don’t fret. That’s what the Daum and Naver Map are for. These apps help you navigate through the narrowest and most hidden streets of South Korea. It allows you to see the bus stops (including when they arrive and depart) and more detail on the subway stops (including timetables). With Naver, you can even see numbers to apartments. These apps are more accurate maps in general. The only downside is that both apps are in Korean (unless you know the language of course).

iPhone: Daum | Naver

Android: Daum | Naver


This app is a popular web portal in South Korea. Naver (Korean: 네이버) means “discover the world.” It provides news service, email service, and more (that I can’t think of). It’s the 5th most used search engine in the world following Google, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. Over 25 million Koreans have the Naver as default page, so why not as an app? Bring it on the go when you can’t bring your computer.

iPhone Download | Android Download

Subway Korea

This app is exactly what is sounds like. It’s has one of the most accurate subway timetable of major cities like Seoul and Busan. It is so detailed that it informs you of arrival times, fare, stopping stations, transfer times, exits, and even bathroom locations. So if you commute with train a lot (which is often done in Korea), then this should be perfect for you.

iPhone Download | Android Download


Everyone loves food! But you have so many options, you don’t know what in the world you feel like eating? It’s always hard to decide, especially if you are a foreigner in South Korea. This app, which is connected through Naver, will help you search for food you are interest. Browse by city, area, or type of food and wait for the magic to happen. If you’re not sure about the suggestions that comes up, just look at the restaurant reviews.

iPhone Download | Android Download


This is by far the most important app used in South Korea. Everyone uses this. If you want to save your arm and leg by calling overseas, use this app. This is a means of commutations. It’s similar to the What’s Up app and Facebook’s Messenger. If you have Wi-Fi, you can do free calling. Message friends and even your boss. You can do group chat, send pictures and videos, and customize your profile. It even has an easy camera function built in. It’s good for people who don’t have a Korean phone because those are hard to get when you are a foreigner. So use Kakao not only for it’s simplicity, but also because it’s free!

iPhone Download | Android Download



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What are your thoughts? Comment if you so choose! …_〆(゚▽゚*)

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